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The Geriatric Psychiatry Online Course is largely interactive, does not have a didactic component, and covers a broader array of topics than the Banff or Ottawa National Review Courses. The  Geriatric Psychiatry Online Course will not re-iterate the material from the National Review Course, although the video of the presentations and the handouts from the Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Banff and Ottawa courses will be available for review for  Geriatric Psychiatry Online Course members. Both the National Review Course and  Geriatric Psychiatry Online Course are complimentary to each other, using two different learning strategies to optimize practice and retention of the material. 

Four course modules will feature an added bilingual component (with the option to have discussions en français), thanks to the facilitation of Dr. Isabelle Silverstone-Simard and Dr. Jean‑François Côté.  We have also expanded our committee to ensure that the content and delivery are relevant to physicians and other health care providers beyond geriatric psychiatrists. 

Participant Testimonials: 

“Excellent review with helpful comprehensive references and good discussion from participants and facilitators.” 

“Really appreciated the interactive nature.  The facilitator prompted us by posting follow-up questions, answered questions by sharing his own clinical experience and by providing additional references.  Helped engage us and maintain interest”

“Exceptional job in designing this course. It was very relevant, practical and applicable. It far exceeded my expectations. Having access to the country's experts in different areas was priceless. Well done!”

“Very well done!  The course was well paced and the selected articles were informative.  It was also good to be able to discuss issues with colleagues across the country.” 

Testimonials from other Health Care Professionals: 

“[I gained a] greater understanding of the unique impact psychiatric conditions have on assessment and treatment of older adults.” (Registered Nurse)  

"I work in a rural practice with little specialist coverage and access to mental health counselling, support programs etc. This helped me become more confident in assessing and managing my elderly psychiatry patients. Often they don't have the capability to travel long distances to see a specialist.” (Registered Nurse)

“[I am] more confident to do counselling with families regarding the prognosis and the progression of dementia.” (Challenging Behaviour Resource Consultant - Nurse)

“It provided me with up to date research and information on assessment and treatment of older adults.  Given I do not have a medical background, and I am working in a medically focused field, it enhanced my confidence to better support the client's I work with. I feel it also improved my assessments to better reflect reliant and helpful information for our teams' geriatric psychiatrist to review.”   (Psychiatric Nurse) 

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