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April 2016

January 2016
  • Chau S, Herrmann N, Ruthirakuhan MT, Chen JJ, Lanctôt KL. Latrepirdine for Alzheimer's disease.  Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2015 Apr 21;4:CD009524. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD009524.pub2. Review.

July 2015

March 2015

January 2015

October 2014 

  • Rej S, Laliberte V, Rapoport J, Seitz D, Andrew M, Davidson M. What Makes Residents Interested in Geriatric Psychiatry? A Pan-Canadian Online Survey of Psychiatry Residents. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Online September 2014. 
  • Rej S, Weixi B, Looper K, Segal S. Renal function in geriatric psychiatry patients compared to non-psychiatric older adults: effects of lithium use and other factors. Aging and Mental Health. 2014; 18(7):847-53 

Older Publications

  • Bosma M, Cassidy K-L, LeClair JK, Helsdingen S, Devichand P. A Knowledge Transfer Study of the Utility of the Nova Scotia Seniors' Mental Health Network in Implementing Seniors' Mental Health National Guidelines. Canadian Geriatrics Journal. 2011. 14(1).
  • Cassidy K-L, Rector N. The Silent Geriatric Giant: Anxiety Disorders in Late Life. Geriatrics and Aging. 2008. 11(3):150-6.
  • Culo S, Mulsant B H, Rosen J, Mazumdar S, Blakesley, Richard E, Houck P R, Pollock B G. Treating Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Dementia With Lewy Bodies: A Randomized Controlled-trial. Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders. October-December 201024(4):360-364. 
  • Ursuliak Z, Cassidy K-L, D. Burke and G. Eskes. An Observational Study of the Effectiveness of Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Late Life Depressive and Anxiety Disorders. The Canadian Journal of Geriatrics. 2008. B(2): 88-93.

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